You Should Know This – Effects of Working Longer Hours

The human body thrives and can exceed your expectations when fueled properly. The benefits of healthy eating habits reach far beyond vanity and appearance because without adequate nutrition, you are motivating illness, chronic disease and weight gain to contaminate your immune system.

Even if we are surrounded with convenient, fast and quick food nowadays, we need to be careful with our body by having a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The foods we have right now are not rich in calorie and can deplete our nutrition. These foods might fill our stomach but these can affect our health.

We need to stay on track with foods that truly equip our body to keep up its “housework.” To be clear, processed foods include anything that has undergone complex processing steps. It’s important to realize that organic, nutrient-rife foods are becoming just as accessible as processed, junk food options.

However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done because when practiced wrongly, you will definitely develop diseases. You need to analyze your habits thoroughly. For instance, what habits would you most like to break? What do you think is your healthiest habit?

In my case, I am very workaholic that lately I feel dizzy every time I lie down to sleep and also when rising from bed. It’s one thing to pull a long day every once in a while to finish a project or deal with a crisis, but it’s another to routinely stay late at the work into the night. Working overtime is becoming part of my daily routine.

Working very late at night impairs my sleep. This can cause us to build up what’s called “sleep debt,” which is kind of like being overdrawn at a bank. Chronic sleep deficit makes me get tired more easily than I think I do.

Overworking is really bad for your heart. It can actually cause heart disease. According to some researches, it might have something to do with your personality. The competitive type like me are more tensed, time-oriented and stressed out which is often intensified by overworking.

Working beyond the normal working hours is something to brag. But sometimes it can become addictive. The fact that we are living in a competitive world, we really deprive ourselves from sleep just to lament our work. Sometimes, working long hours can feel rewarding — even invigorating.

The key is paying attention to how it makes you feel. Next step is to consult an expert and finally to regulate your working hours in order for you to be healthy and vibrant.

Chronically overworking isn’t fun. You’re more likely to make mistakes. You lose sight of the bigger picture.

If Food Can Ask You Something, It Will Be : Do You Play the Blame Game?

Does your eating ever go off-track? Do you sometimes eat more than you “should” or foods that you “shouldn’t”?

This post poses 3 questions on eating behaviors.

Who (Whom!) Do You Blame When Your Eating Goes Off the Mark?

I always blamed my mother. She pushed food on me relentlessly, whether I wanted it or not. When I didn’t want it, she told everyone I was a picky eater.

But I wasn’t a picky eater. I was just constantly pushed – even forced – to eat food I didn’t want. It never gave me a chance to be hungry.

So eating food I didn’t need originated with my mother.


My mom tried to sway me in other ridiculous ways – like making me afraid of dogs – and those didn’t work. Why did I let this food thing in?

Taking 100% responsibility means not blaming my mother for any mindless or unnecessary eating. I made the behavior mine, for better or worse.

Let’s explore 2 other eating behavior questions.

WHAT Do You Blame?

When it’s difficult to resist desserts or other junk you know isn’t good for you, WHAT do you blame?

I always blamed my sugar addiction.

Over 25 years ago, I was writing, reading (in varied science journals), and teaching my clients about sugar addiction.

That was way before everyone started comparing sugar to cocaine or heroin, or saying sugar was the most addictive of all.

And my sugar addiction was obvious (to me) many years before that – before anyone even acknowledged that sugar is addictive. Many people smirked when I mentioned it.

Sugar addiction was my go-to scapegoat — the reason for any struggle I had with food.

But taking 100% responsibility means I can’t do that anymore. As the world’s foremost(!) Recovered Sugar Addict, I know my recovery is the point.

It eliminates my old excuse completely.

So when my eating goes off the mark – for me that’s usually more about quantity when I’m stressed, not junk I shouldn’t have – I don’t have my sugar addiction to blame anymore.

It’s all about me.

I have to deal with stress in other ways.

What have you been blaming for any bad – or odd – food habits you may have?

Finally, WHEN Do You Blame?

Once you’ve identified WHO and WHAT you blame for your eating “excursions,” the next step is to identify WHEN you resort to blaming those people and things.

This can go a bit further than simply recognizing your triggers for out-of-control eating.

It’s helpful to know that you binge eat – or eat the wrong foods – under stress, for example. But does stress instantly trigger blame, a finger-pointing response?

In this example, stress may not always push you to get into blame, even if it does push you (maybe consistently) into out-of-control eating.

I’ve noticed that I get into blaming when I feel somehow victimized – say, when one thing after another is going wrong, and it feels as if that will never end.

And that’s when my other blame patterns come up – blaming my mother for pushing food on me, or blaming my sugar addiction for making me so sensitive to certain foods that it’s necessary for me to be overly rigorous about controlling what I eat. Yeah, poor me.

You know your Who and your What. Can you identify your When?

How will you take responsibility for your eating behaviors? More importantly, how may I help you?

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Read This – These Are 5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

1. Drinking too much coffee

There are several, conflicting, ‘studies’ and opinions about the effects of coffee on weight loss. Truth is that coffee stimulates the production of insulin and spikes your blood sugar. Caffeine encourages fat production in your body. Depending on how you like your coffee, the added creamer, milk, sugar and flavors, can add up to as much sugar as a candy bar! If you are trying to lose weight, try reducing your coffee consumption to one cup per day and try to reduce the number of things you add to it.

2. Eating too much fruit

Fruit is good for you right? It’s healthy, you can’t eat too much fruit! Although fruit is natural and a great source of nutrients, too much fruit can be inhibiting your weight loss goals. Fruit is high in fructose and although it is packed with fiber, it is still carbohydrates. Try to reduce your fruit consumption to no more than three serves per day. Fruit is good in the right amounts. Also, if you are trying to lose weight, avoid starchy fruits such as bananas and eat more watery fruits like melons.

3. Fiber blocks the absorption of protein

When you eat fiber and protein together, the fiber blocks your body’s absorption of the protein. For example, if you get a protein bar with twenty grams of protein and ten grams of fiber, you are really only getting ten grams of protein. If you are someone that eats a lot of fiber in your meals, you may not be getting enough protein in your diet. Protein is important for weight loss because it speeds up your metabolism and keeps you fuller for longer.

4. The wrong combinations

This is one of the most common problems for people trying to lose weight. I used to think that I was being healthy by just eating an apple as a snack. I was wrong. When you only eat an apple, it spikes your blood sugar and stimulates the production of insulin and encourages your body to store that apple as fat. To stop the blood sugar spike you need to balance your snack, having the right proportions of carbs, fats and protein, for example, you should have an apple, six almonds and two boiled eggs instead of just the apple. Having a balance will stop you from feeling a spike and drop in energy and will keep you going for longer.

5. Not eating enough

We live in a society that tells us to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. This is the biggest fallacy and most people are not eating enough. When you don’t eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode and you end up storing most of the food you eat as fat. This is a physiological response from the body because it doesn’t know when it will next be fed so it is preparing itself to survive without food. By eating every two to three hours and eating balanced meals and snacks, you will train your body to burn the food for fuel and not store it because it is no longer preparing itself for starvation. By eating more, more often, you will speed up your metabolism and turn your body into an energy burning machine.