Tomatoes Said – I’m a Miracle Food

Tomatoes become the most indispensable fruit, because of it’s easily availability. We will tell you more about this red wonder. ‘Eat tomatoes in plenty’ is the message.

Thanks to agriculture scientist, tomatoes are available around the year. But its real season is winter. In this season not only does one get tomatoes of several varieties and different hues but they are cheaper too.

Of all foods tomatoes are unique in many respects. It is fruit as well as vegetable. You get all the benefits as well as taste of a fruit if you eat a fully ripened tomato. Fully ripened tomatoes or even slightly green ones are used as salad and mixed with vegetables to impart the delicious taste and flavor.

The tomato is light, lubricious, warm, stimulant, appetizer, laxative and remover of cough and intestinal gas.

It has 94.3 percent water, 0.9 percent protein, 0.4 percent fat, 3.9 percent carbohydrates, 0.9 percent minerals and each 100 gm of tomato has 100 IU of vitamin A and 39 mg of Vitamin C. Besides, it also contains Vitamin B and organic acids like citric, phosphoric and malic which purify the blood.

The tomato is a rich source of Vitamin A. Five small tomatoes and two big tomatoes are sufficient to supply the necessary Vitamin A for an adult for the whole day. If you compare the Vitamin A content of tomatoes with that of butter on the weight to weight basis, you will be surprised to find that tomatoes contain more of this vitamin than butter.

It is remarkable that Vitamin C Content of tomato is not quickly destroyed because it is protected by the acids it contains. But excessive boiling or cooking changes the organic structure of acids present in it and consequently Vitamin C becomes ineffective. Therefore, as far as possible tomatoes should be taken afresh and uncooked. Again Vitamin C is present only in ripe tomatoes and is in abundance when the fruit ripens n the vine itself. Such tomatoes are sun cooked and they have a special value.

Vitamin C content is less when it is packed raw and allowed to ripen. Vitamin C content is least when it is artificially ripened.

As a source of minerals also tomatoes are the best. It is an excellent source of iron and a good source of phosphorous, calcium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sodium and iodine. It should be noticed that mineral salt and also Vitamin A are present mainly in the red colored pulp of the tomato and not so much in its pale colored juice. the best way, therefore, of using the tomato is to take whole of it. If, whoever, you need to take the juice, squeeze it out completely so that you get a red colored juice, very little left out as a pulp.

Like other fruits and vegetables, tomato also has laxative properties. This laxative property is due in part to the cellulose present in them. This cellulose gives bulk to the residue which provides mechanical stimulus to the stomach and promotes action of the lower part of the intestinal canal.

Apart from this, tomato contains some other ingredients too which also have these laxative properties. This is the reason why its juice, which contains no cellulose, also helps in removing constipation.

The acids of tomatoes are similar to that of oranges and pineapples. This acid is readily oxidized by our body and helps in increasing the alkalinity of the blood. On account of the alkaline property of tomatoes, they are excellent blood purifiers. In conditions of emaciation, it is of great help.

On account of iron content, it is good in all cases of anemia. It strengthens the teeth and gums. If your gums bleed, take glass of tomato juice on empty stomach. It is also general tonic for growing children and pregnant and lactating mothers.

Tomatoes can be taken in different ways. You can simply eat fully ripened tomatoes and extract its juice. It is most popularly used as salad in the combination with other raw vegetables. One nice way of taking tomato salad is to split it up from four sides, keeping the base intact. Now remove the juice and the seeds. Grate carrot, beetroot, cabbage, coriander leaves and coconut to fine pieces and mix with the juice of the tomato. Pack the empty voids of the raw or bake it in an oven. While baking, put a lump of sugar on the top.

Tomato juice can again be taken alone or mixed with the juice of the vegetables as mentioned above. During fasting, its juice is quite helpful.

Tomato soup is also very popular. Don’t over boil the tomatoes, or else it will lose the properties. Upon extraction of the soup, it should be consumed immediately least it gives oxidized and does not accrue the desired benefits.

Tomatoes cultivated with the help of chemical fertilizers may increase the yield but its nutritional values fall. In fact, it’s true for all the food items. The best way to cultivate any food is by using organic manure.

Preserved tomatoes, tomato sauces and powders are available in the market in packets, tines, bottles and bags. Better avoid using them as in the course of processing, they lost most of the nutritional properties.

I firmly believe that the whole universe is inter-connected. Our body, mind and spirit are deeply rooted with each other. If body is sick, the mind cannot relax or feel good. And if mind is not relaxed, it will give birth to stress and that will lead to chronic health problems.

So, it is clear that in order to posses a sound body we must have a calm and peaceful mind. Without a sound mind we cannot expect our potential growth or development.

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